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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grandma Hesterman turns 90!

It's true. My Mom turned 90. We celebrated with a big family party. Not Moffat big, few families are quite that large, but a crowd of 48 plus infants was not a bad turn out to wish my dear Mother well on her big day! Some of you were on the East Coast and unable to attend in person, although you all showed up in video (thank you).  Below are photos to show you what went on!

We held the party at Bill's ward.  I made the centerpieces.

Wait until you see what was inside that wrapped gift!

Yep. I made that centerpiece.

This was the serving table. Uncle Mark is checking out the photos.

You were all there!

All of my Mother's posterity are on these two plaques.

This painting was what was wrapped on the table.

My Mother is pointing out her bedroom in the home she grew up in.

Ashley painted this.

It's oil, and it's cool.

A delicious cake from Carol's pastry!

Babies were there. This is Ephriam, Tucker's son.

Weston LOVES being an uncle!

Oh, and there were jumpsuits. Worn by the "Singing Daddy-O's" This is Uncle David

This is Uncle Bill.

This is Uncle Mark.

All of the 'Grands' sang the song I wrote.

They were really VERY good.

Which was pretty amazing.

Because, there was absolutely no rehearsal. :)

I never knew a Hesterman could grow a beard...are we sure D.J. is Uncle David's son?

Noah, Billy's son, loves to smile!

Amy and her girls Sophie and Annie liked talking with Grandma.

Truman has a girlfriend.  Been dating for a year.  Let's get moving on this Tru. ;)

These four are pretty special.  Thanks for coming!

Tucker really was enjoying the night! He had to stand up and clap!

Billy is still tall, but I think Jacob may be a tad taller.

Carter, Matthew, Sam. Need I say more?

Kristie, Paige and Jacob...'shooting the breeze'.

The birthday girl and Sam!

Sam and Paige are gaining wisdom from Grandma.  Probably didn't 
have to do with cotton or being a late bloomer.  That bit of wisdom was for her kids.

Baby Nate, Jana's boy, was adorable. He LOVED Jacob!

Weston was the Master of Ceremonies and he got Grandma involved.

Paige and Jacob were having fun.

Juliet, Sam and Kristie enjoyed themselves.

Hannah, Billy's daughter, was dressed in a U of U cheerleader outfit.

My cousin Bryce showed up.

Kate, Jana's daughter, gave grandma a soft new blanket.

And Granpa came for dinner the next day.  
He's so cute, I just had to include him in this post!

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