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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Anniversary Parker & Carolyn!

Happy Anniversary Parker & Carolyn!

It's been 4 years for these two!



Click on the link above for anniversary wishes!

Monday, August 24, 2015


So...Lori, Ashley and I are in charge of decorations for Grandma Hesterman's 90th Birthday Party.
Lori came up with the great idea to 
cook hot dogs up the canyons and plan the party. 
I knew she was brilliant!  

I really enjoyed being in the mountains!

Lori was there! (Look, River is photo bombing this photo)


Juliette roasting a dog. A hot dog, not a real dog, silly.

Stuart showing off his little man.

River! (He's kinda way cute)


Ashley sharing some decorating ideas.

Matthew! ( he's a Junior...really)

Did I mention River? - and Stu?

We cooked hot dogs and smores over a fire. Because, really, where else would you cook them?

We had a dinner guest...

and another one...

I was screaming inside of my head - SKUNK!!!! RUN!!! - however, everyone else was super calm - so I maintained my composure - but just barely ;)

It was a great night! We even sang the song I wrote for Grandma's birthday! (You know, the one that will be sung by you to the tune of "They The Builders of The Nation" at Grandma's party - you'll love it.  Ask Camille.)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Some Of The Joys Of Being In Utah

Ok....I love the East coast.  I am passionate about it. It feels more like home to me there then it does here in Utah, where I grew up. Probably due to my having lived more years outside of Utah than within it.

However, there are some benefits to Utah living.  For one thing, the temple is 4.2 miles away.  Did you hear that? The temple is ONLY 4.2 miles away. A HUGE blessing! I LOVE serving there on a
weekly basis.

 Another benefit is that Dad and I are near our aging parents and we get to spend some time with them, knowing that our parents time on this earth is very limited.  Grandpa has been saying his time is limited for years...only at nearly 96, he is finally right :)

Last Sunday in Relief Society, our lesson was from the teachings of President Ezra Taft Benson, "The Elderly In The Church".  I was very touched by this lesson. Partly due to the timing of a Doctor telling my mother she was no longer to drive and I was the child who was with her at the time and had to remove the car keys from her home. This was very difficult, although my Mom is adapting to her new way of living and seems to be enjoying the more frequent visits from her children as we are each stepping up and assisting her with her needs.

I really enjoyed section 5 of Sunday's lesson.  I encourage you all to read and study the lessons we are being taught at church each week.

The Lesson Can Be Found Here - Click To Read

Yesterday, Aunt Lori and I took our mother to visit and ENT. She had wax impacted in her ears and needed it to be removed.  A LOT of wax had built up and upon removal it was determined it had been building up for YEARS.  Below are some pictures of the event. I know you wanted to be there too ;) Some of the procedure was quite painful and brought her to tears - that part was not photographed, for good reason. She looked really cute wearing the headset for the hearing test that was administered after the wax removal. Unfortunately, the glare on the glass makes it hard for you to see.

Grandma still has her quick wit! When I was completing the new patient papers with her I asked, "Mom, what about your bones and joint?" Her response was "Are they asking if I have any? Of course I do, what a stupid question." This was followed by, "Mom, what about your muscles?" Her response was "No. Only flab. And write that down." Which I did.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Few Photos From A Party At A Ranch

So .... A neighbor threw a party.  Given the guest was hard to discern if this was a party thrown by a neighbor or if this was a ward party.  Utah problems. :)

This was a view from the deck.

This is me, enjoying the view!

This is Dad, getting to know some High Priests in the neighborhood.

This is Camille...she brings 'cool' to the party!

Good thing Dad got to know the High Priests, given his new calling. :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Another Moffat Gathering!

At Grandpa's Favorite Place - The Mandarin Restaurant in Bountiful!

Steve and Becky were sitting next to Grandpa :)

So were Craig and Kathy!

Dad and Randy and Julie got to chat it up!

In Tricia's defense, she didn't know I was taking a photo.  Doug is thinking about his hike with his brother's this week. "Hmmmm...will leftover Chinese stay fresh in my backpack?"

Granpa is talking with the owner of the restaurant.
Gregory Skedros. They are buddies. 
 They went to pharmacy school together.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy Anniversary, Jacob and Paige!

It's Jacob's and Paige's Anniversary!

And if the above link did not work....I'm still learning how to use all the tools on this Blog...or even if the link did work...


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Gift Giver

So ... for Christmas (Yes, I know it is August), Camille gave Dad a puzzle.  Not just any puzzle.  A Sherlock Holmes themed puzzle. It came complete with a book and of course no picture of what the puzzle was to look like upon completion.  That's right ... not even a picture on the box.  Truly, a mysterious puzzle. Dad and I decided July was a good time to do this puzzle.  Honestly .. we may have been a bit intimidated by it, but we championed our fears and delved in!  What fun it was to try and figure this masterpiece out!!! Every time a picture came to light, there was a sweet thrill of discovery.  Yes.  This was an awesome gift.  And then...Camille, the gift giver, came home with some strawberry jam - just for Dad. Yep, It's delicious.  Thanks Sweetie! It's fun having you around!