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Monday, August 24, 2015


So...Lori, Ashley and I are in charge of decorations for Grandma Hesterman's 90th Birthday Party.
Lori came up with the great idea to 
cook hot dogs up the canyons and plan the party. 
I knew she was brilliant!  

I really enjoyed being in the mountains!

Lori was there! (Look, River is photo bombing this photo)


Juliette roasting a dog. A hot dog, not a real dog, silly.

Stuart showing off his little man.

River! (He's kinda way cute)


Ashley sharing some decorating ideas.

Matthew! ( he's a Junior...really)

Did I mention River? - and Stu?

We cooked hot dogs and smores over a fire. Because, really, where else would you cook them?

We had a dinner guest...

and another one...

I was screaming inside of my head - SKUNK!!!! RUN!!! - however, everyone else was super calm - so I maintained my composure - but just barely ;)

It was a great night! We even sang the song I wrote for Grandma's birthday! (You know, the one that will be sung by you to the tune of "They The Builders of The Nation" at Grandma's party - you'll love it.  Ask Camille.)