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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Gift Giver

So ... for Christmas (Yes, I know it is August), Camille gave Dad a puzzle.  Not just any puzzle.  A Sherlock Holmes themed puzzle. It came complete with a book and of course no picture of what the puzzle was to look like upon completion.  That's right ... not even a picture on the box.  Truly, a mysterious puzzle. Dad and I decided July was a good time to do this puzzle.  Honestly .. we may have been a bit intimidated by it, but we championed our fears and delved in!  What fun it was to try and figure this masterpiece out!!! Every time a picture came to light, there was a sweet thrill of discovery.  Yes.  This was an awesome gift.  And then...Camille, the gift giver, came home with some strawberry jam - just for Dad. Yep, It's delicious.  Thanks Sweetie! It's fun having you around!

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