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Sunday, March 15, 2015

February 16, 1984 - David marries Kristy in the Salt Lake City temple

Moffat matters.
It's family and family is central to the plan of salvation.
We are spread out in different states and time zones making it difficult to all be together and talk and enjoy each other the way we love to.
And we do enjoy being together.
 Therefore, it seems only fitting to begin this blog with a look at a few of the places and events that touched my heart as each child was welcomed into our home.
Including those of you who have joined our family in more recent years.
 Being a mother is the greatest calling I have and I have loved every minute of having my children around me.
   I am now in a different stage of life where my children no longer hug my knees and want me to read them stories.
  Fortunately being a parent does not end when one's children grow up and leave the home.
  We know that 'worthy husbands and wives who have been properly sealed in marriage in a temple of God may fulfill their role as parents throughout eternity.'
I look at my own aged mother.
  She turns 90 this year.
  I am so grateful to still have her around.
  I still turn to her for advice and listen and ponder on her counsel.
She is truly a blessing to me.
  I miss my dear father with all my heart.
  I wish I could sit and talk with him.
I would like to hear his deep 'radio' voice testify of gospel truths.
  Likewise, I miss my mother-in-law, Janice.
  She was caring and loved me and raised a fine son.
  It's wonderful to sit with my 95 year-old father-in-law, Ralph and hear him bear his testimony of the Savior.
Truly the things of eternity are what matter most to me.
And that includes each of you.
I am sure I will use this platform as a way to share my thoughts and testimony with you, my family.
I am sure I will also use it to share my goofy sense of humor.
I am not perfect, I know that, (you can pretend like you don't).
But, I am striving and...
I love each of you with all of my heart.

And now....

The photographic tour of Massachusetts and beyond!

 Our first apartment in Norwood, MA is right behind that snow bank!
Medfield, MA - our next home.  Camille joined our family here :)
The "Wash, Wash" - Parker did not tolerate smoking in
 this establishment :)
Buried deep in the soil of this pond is one of Parker's toys.  A
 traumatic  event soothed only by the appearance of  goslings
 in the Spring.
Samuel joined our family at the cute little house behind these
cars in Millis, Ma :)
Norfolk, MA is where we lived when Paige joined our
wonderful family! :)
Norwood Hospital is the first hospital Paige visited
 before coming home to Village Green.

When Dad fainted face first into a coat rack at Foxboro Ward, he
double-fractured his jaw. We were blessed to witness a miracle
as he mended completely in record time.  
This is the font in which both Parker and Camille were baptized,
Foxboro, MA  Two fantastic days..

August 26, 2011 - Carolyn marries Parker in the Salt Lake Temple.
 A beautiful addition to our family! :)

August 23, 2013 - Kristie marries Samuel in the Mt. Timpanogos
Temple.  Another beautiful addition to the Moffat clan! :)

August 16, 2014 - Jacob marries Paige in the Jordan River Temple.
 A tall and handsome addition to team Moffat! :)