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Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Snow

This morning found snow in our yard.  Snow.  In April.  After a winter of almost no snow whatsoever.  Snow.

I looked at the snow and found it fitting as today is the funeral of our friend Jeff.  Remember Jeff?  He was my definition of true religion.  Last Friday Jeff had a feeding tube inserted and it was bothering him. Dad and another brother in the ward were called over to Jeff's home to administer to him.  Dad's natural concern for others led him to notice the youngest son who was quietly watching.  Dad exchanged 'pounds' with this young boy and did his best to help him feel comfortable at a difficult time.  That is just your Dad. This is one of the many reasons I love him so much.  He did not know that 15 minutes after he left that home, Jeff would pass away.

I also pondered back to 19 years ago this very week as I attended another funeral.  Also, a snowy April day when another dear friend,  Marita Hynynen was buried. I remember learning what the word 'wail' meant as I listened to her 7 year old son throughout the service.  I remember how when Kulervo remarried, the children were at first hesitant to welcome their new mother with open arms, but how as they tried to accept her and love her they came to be grateful for and need her.  A great lesson is to be learned from them.

I saw this at the funeral today:

This is a great family motto.  I want to adopt it as ours. We live it anyway, most of the time. When we don't, then we cross that bridge of forgiveness, repent and move forward living in a family, the way God intended.

So, snow in April is OK.  It reminds me of families and their eternal natures.

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