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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wow...I wasn't expecting this

Every Tuesday afternoon and evening I get to spend time at the Bountiful temple as an ordinance worker.  This is the number one thing I like about Utah. The temple is so much closer than it has been for us ... ever.  I can't get enough of it. Dad and I eagerly volunteered our services as ordinance workers, even though our work schedules don't allow us to work together on the same shift, we still wanted to serve.  We love the temple and know of the great blessings that come to those who serve there. EVERY ONE who walks through the temple doors will be blessed for coming and serving.  It's a wonderful thing.

About one month ago I was asked to be one of the assistant supervisors at initiatory.  I was excited because I love this ordinance and also surprised, because I still feel a bit like a 'newbie'.  It's a three month assignment and then another sister gets to serve.

Last night my assignment was changed and a I was called to serve as the Initiatory Coordinator.  Wow...I wasn't expecting this. This will be a nine month calling.  I am excited, humbled, thrilled and happy for this opportunity.  I love the temple.  I hope you do too.