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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

President Eyring is right on the mark! We are family!

I was reading the First Presidency message for this month.  This little gem is a part of it:

"We owe our families the kind of relationship we can take into the presence of God. We must try not to give offense or take offense. We can determine to forgive quickly and fully. We can try to seek the happiness of others above our own. We can be kind in our speech. As we try to do all these things, we will invite the Holy Ghost into our families and into our lives."

So much to learn from this...try not to give offense or take offense.  Try harder.  Forgive quickly and fully...let it go! We are family.  We are not perfect but we are striving to be.  We are human and sometimes words are said.  You know it.  You each have said words you wished you hadn't and have heard words you wished you hadn't.  We are still family. All the more reason to be forgiving. Fully forgiving. Without demanding anything from whom you have taken offense. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.  It's not worth it.

Seek OTHERS happiness above your own.  One big lesson learned from being a parent is the NEED TO BE SELFLESS. Selfless like Chirst.  The family is the most important unit.  It is a fertile environment to learn to be more like our Savior, to prepare to return to live with God's presence.  

Three things that are important to me and should be important to you too.

1. Family. Trust one another. Love one another. 
2. The ability to truly, readily, quickly forgive.
3. Be selfless.

Here is the link to President Eyring's message:

I love each of you dearly.  That is why I share my thoughts with you.