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Sunday, May 31, 2015

L. Tom Perry

Check out this video and article about our beloved Apostle, L. Tom Perry.  I had the opportunity to chat with him one day at Macy's and found him to be a genuine, wonderful human being.  I am touched by how he valued the way he was raised, recognized the love of the gospel that his parents had and how important that was.  He understands that family is the core of society and eternal happiness.  He has a great love for his family, as your father and I do for each of you and for those that have gone on before us.  Don't be fooled into thinking we don't need each other - that is Satan talking.  God's plan holds family to be sacred. 

Elder L. Tom Perry - Valued Family

The Amazing Moffat Clan - Our Valuable Family


  1. I just commented but it didn't show up...

  2. Okay now it's working...

    I ran into Elder Perry after a BYU football game which I had attended while wearing blue face paint--as in my whole head was painted blue. It had just started to rain, and he chuckled as he looked at me and said, "It looks like you're melting!"

    I then ran into Elder Scott, with whom I spoke for a minute or two in Portuguese about Mozambique, where I'd met him personally a few years earlier.

    Never thought I'd meet two apostles whilst painted like a smurf.

  3. Haha, I wish I could have seen this smurf moment Parker!