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Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's a Double Graduation!!!!

Way To Go Jacob and Paige!!!!

This girl....

And this guy....

Did it!

They are Graduates!!!

Of this University!!!!

Enjoy the photos!

Photo Bombing at it's best!

Down Elevator :)

Her building...

His Building...

The Siblings! (We Missed you Parker, Carolyn & Kristie...but you were there in Spirit)

The Parents with their little girl!

The Parents with the graduating couple!

It was COLD! Looks like Paige is warming up Camille's ears :)

Having fun even if we are COLD!

He walked first...

She followed....

They met at the end of the stage...

For lots of photos!!!


We look forward to the Spring of 2016 when Carolyn, Kristie and Samuel will earn their diplomas as well!  What an accomplishment everyone!

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