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Friday, July 3, 2015

Cache Valley Get Away

Dad and I took a fun ride up to Cache Valley to visit 
the grave sites of some of Dad's ancestors. 
 After driving through Pickleville, yes I just had to throw the name of that quaint community in here, we went to Meadowville and Laketown, Utah.  

This is what we saw!

An interesting history of a tiny, remote - nay, secluded -
 nay, nay isolated cemetery.

We traveled up a dirt road and almost missed this precious little (VERY LITTLE) cemetery nestled in the hills of Meadowville, Utah.

Dad observing the resting place of his great-great grandfather, the man he was named after.

This is pretty much the entire Meadowville Cemetery.


Laketown has paved roads...not much else to write home about.  The cemetery is much larger than Meadowville and is quite lovely.  We are not too far from Bear Lake.

Dad next the grave of his Great Grandfather, Joseph Smith Moffat.

Lois Gunn Moffat, wife of Joseph Smith Moffat and Great Grandmother of Dad.

Martha Moffat, another wife of Joseph Smith Moffat. He had three wives in all. 
Three wives, not at the same time (I don't think). He must have been a great man.
 The other wife is buried in Meadowville, but her grave is unmarked.

 Dad's Grandpa Moffat met his Grandma Moffat in Laketown.  The grave of her parents is shown here. Great Grandpa George Webb and Great Grandma Lucy Hodges Webb.

We had a lovely time. It was fun to find these ancestors and imagine what their lives must have been like.  We are grateful to Dad's Grandpa Moffat for moving from Laketown - although it is beautiful, we would most likely be farming a small plot of land and freezing our arses off in the winter ;)

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