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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pioneer Day!

So...Pioneer Day is my favorite holiday. I have always loved it. As a teenager, I was the child who was asked to assist my Dad as he announced the Pioneer Day Parade. The 3rd largest parade in the entire country! I got up REALLY early and went with him to a breakfast where all of the Parade Committee, Parade Route Announcers, Officials, etc. were in attendance. There is a script for the parade and that script was gone over so everyone knew what to expect. Any necessary changes to the script were made and we were sent to our respective booths along the parade route. My Dad was a well known voice in Salt Lake City due to his career in radio. As such, we were given what I would call the "Booth of Honor". Or the prime spot on the parade route to be announcing. It was my job to follow the script and look up the parade route to make sure all the parade participants were approaching in the correct order.  This kept my Dad on the right page of the script ... he didn't want to start talking about a high school band when what was parading by was a float entered by a local ward/stake. It was my job to make sure this didn't happen. I felt some pressure.  I had to pay attention to every detail.  I loved it! So, being back in Utah, I really love the parade and Pioneer Day festivities!

This year was no exception!  Although I end up working part of the day, the parade is conveniently located near Macy's and I still get to see it!

This year Dad and I did the following:

We went to the Bountiful, Utah Handcart Days Chuck Wagon Breakfast!  Yummy!

We checked out the schedule of events for the day in Bountiful.  I was particularly interested in what was sure to be a winner --- Pioneer Dancing with Leapin' Lulu!  Made me smile!

Noted the TeePee and Covered Wagon...way cool!

and then proceeded to the PARADE!!! (Yes! I LOVE the PARADE!!!)

I got awesome shots of Flags, Police on Motorcycles, Floats, Bands, Horses, Bag Pipers!!!, and more!
Unfortunately, my phone kept malfunctioning.
Fortunately, my phone was due for an upgrade, which is what we did next!
Unfortunately, the photos didn't transfer to the new me, they were Good!

Macy's was next on our Pioneer Day docket, so I worked and when Dad returned to pick me up we headed home for some steak on the grill! Yes! The cow I got Dad for Christmas is still feeding our little tummies! YUM!

Over all...a Great Day! But our festivities continued onto Saturday Morning...that post is next!

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